About us

The Mint Hub Team

Thousands of modern workspaces are cropping up around the world replacing traditional offices. At the heart of of this revolution in Kenya lies The Mint Hub. A dynamic coworking space that continues to redefine the way innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives work.

Strategically located in Westlands, The Mint Hub capitalizes on tastefully done, nature-infused indoors, free flow of natural light and expansive glass paneled windows that provide a scenic view of Westlands and unique experience to coworkers.

At The Mint Hub we don’t just offer you a workspace, we endeavor to help your business grow by providing crucial support in marketing, enabling environment for collaboration with other entrepreneurs, training and connect you to mentorship programs.

Our unrivaled customer care offered by our dedicated on-site management team, 24/7 office access, flexible and affordable space plans broken down to daily, weekly & monthly packages
and caring network of Mint Hubbers makes working in our space a memorable experience.

Come have a taste of what’s like to work from Kenya’s premier coworking space.

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