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Challenges Facing Startups

Starting a business has never been easy, and if it was, everyone would be running his or her own business, but coworking is here to change all that. For start-ups, especially, there are a couple of challenges that face them, and am just about to highlight 4 the paramount ones, explaining how and why The Mint Hub would just be the solution you have been seeking!

  1. Money, Money Money!

You will need money. Well, unless you are remarkably lucky to have cash flow from investors or sales. The reality is, cash flow issues will hit you hard, but only if you could consider this solution, you will be fine: The Mint Hub cares about the progress and growth of your company. This is why we offer affordable office space, from as little as Ksh. 7,000 per month to Ksh. 20,000 per month in our coworking area. This saves you volumes of headaches: hiring a receptionist, internet,  buying coffee and tea, electricity bills and more importantly, your office is in a central quiet place; the heart of Westlands! With all these bills deducted from your end, you can use the extra money either to hire staff, fund product or software development etc.

2. Marketing

We live in an era where, marketing, especially digital marketing is a critical tool for every business. Every company ought to have a marketing budget in place. As this is the case, clients at the Mint Hub do not have crazy budgets for the same! Why? As the Mint Hub, we understand its importance. This is why our social media channels are so active and our clients get the opportunity to enjoy a free service of showcasing their products on our platforms! We write about them, we sing about them, and we take pride in our clients. This is why we have all our companies enlisted on our website and Facebook Page other platforms!

3. Finding the right employees and network!

Having a team that is not equipped is a disaster! We all need to hire employees, understand their roles, and basically offer solutions to what the start-up is trying to achieve. At the Mint Hub, we are a family! The co-founders are ready to share their network with you and walk with you on your entrepreneurial journey. One of the many benefits of coworking. We have a platform where our members interact online, they post about what they do, and what they could need in terms of recruitment, careers and celebrations. We hold events! I might need to elaborate on this… have you ever attended an event and felt that you literally wasted your time and money??? I have been there. This is why, at The Mint Hub, we offer dedicated networking opportunities for our members, which in return, helps our clients network and hear what they need for the growth of their empires!

4. Time Management

Most of the offices in Nairobi operate between 9 am to 5 pm! This poses a challenge especially for the entrepreneurs whose business require more than 8 hours of operation. Fixing everything to work on those limits can be crazy, leading to low productivity. Here at the Mint Hub, we are keen enough to understand this need. This is why our clients enjoy 24/7 access to our amazing, beautiful co-working space. The view, mmmm, I know a view will not do work for you, but you know what, here, the view is a total inspiration and motivation as we are at the center of Westlands, topmost floor at Western Heights!

Believe. Begin. Become!

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