Why coworking office space is good for startups

Why would startups opt for a coworking space visa-vi a private office?

When many startup businesses first walk through the doors of their chosen coworking space, they are probably at the very beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. Start ups start as sole traders or ambitious solo entrepreneurs, but with the help of the community and amenities of a coworking space, they soon create the business of their dreams.

Coworking spaces are designed with collaboration in mind, bringing businesses together to create a strong networking environment. The connections that many business owners make during their time in coworking spaces carry them forward on their business growth journey.

With regular events (check out for the latest events) held for our tenants (the space is usually offered to them at a discounted price) to hold their own events. Entrepreneurs have plenty of opportunities to meet and network with people both in and outside of their own industry. This then gives their business the best chance of thriving. Because they say, your network is your net worth. The bigger the network, the more wealthier one becomes. Another critical note to take is that the new age of networking is focused on building real relationships and establishing rapport. This stands out as a charming deal to all start-ups. 

These spaces are often just the first steps in a business’ life and many will stay in their coworking spaces for over 3 years, before moving on to their own private office space. This gives them enough time to take advantage of the benefits offered by the spaces and focus their time, energy and money on the most important thing; growing their business! This definitely sounds exciting. Giving yourself and your business a coworking experience gives you the opportunity to learn more about the wider market and with well highlighted research enables the entrepreneur to get a good scope for their business. It’s like a smooth transition to success and profound practice of intelligence within the industry. 

It’s undeniable our coworking spaces give one of the best flexible packages within the corporate office-space renting sphere. Unlike traditional office space, our coworking spaces let people choose between a large array of options for membership. Not being tied down in a one-year plan lease is one of the huge benefits of joining a coworking space. Most coworking space membership plans are month-to-month, meaning if you need to cancel, or want to take a month off, you can without penalty. That should put a smile on your face already. Most coworking spaces have membership options that range from daily access, limited monthly access or the virtual-office packages and the unlimited monthly access which comes as different packages. In addition, most members get keys (in our case we use Biometric Access Control) and can use the facilities after traditional work-hours, which is a big bonus for entrepreneurs and startups alike.

Affordability. At The Mint Hub, we all love discounts, so always be on the look out on all our platforms for amazing offers and discounts. Most of the coworking spaces provide several amenities which come at no extra charge. These amenities include, printing services, refreshments, provision of boardrooms, reception services as well as ultra-fast internet. The world is more global and with this kind of coworking consideration within our working spaces, then it’s likely to organically raise the bar our entrepreneurship

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