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Coworking Millennials

As much as we love to hate them, millennials comprise of about 35% of the global workforce. So they are hard to ignore. What is also hard to ignore is the fact that they are the target group embracing the new wave that is coworking, hence the term “coworking millennials” A wave that is becoming seemingly hard to ignore because its affordable, convenient and most certainly fun, especially at The Mint Hub.

Coworking is quickly being embraced in the Kenyan “office” real estate market. More and more millennial entrepreneurs are taking up the option of a shared working space because the benefits that come with such workspaces give one value for money, a place to network and most of all flexibility and independence. Besides that, it allows any entrepreneur to take that first step, getting the ship out of the dock.

Coworking Millennial’s love flexibility and independence. A coworking space gives you the right mix of both. You get to work by yourself, with little to no supervision. You can work from the hanging desks area, hot desk area, private office or even the lounge. A very different approach from the “old” traditional office set up. Companies looking to set up offices in different countries are also advised to take up the coworking option. This means less set-up costs and flexibility and independence for the employee who in most cases will be a millennial.

Many people tend to think millennials are easily distracted and have a problem finding motivation in the traditional management set up. This is a great misconception. For coworking millennials it is quite the contrary. They just love working remotely and value balance.  A balance between their work life and their recreational activities. A concept that the previous generation have not yet embraced hence the disparity. Millennial’s need all factors to be constant for them to thrive. A coworking space offers them just that.

With more and more millennials entering the work force we can be sure of an increase in demand for more affordable and ideal coworking spaces. For us the service providers, we are being put to task. It is up to us to deliver and to deliver with excellence, like here at The Mint Hub. For more information on coworking spaces check out:

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