The Mint Hub Team


  1. What Amenities do you offer?
    1. Fast Internet Speeds
    2. Boardrooms
    3. Video conferencing equipment
    4. Signage
    5. Reception Services
    6. Networking Events
    7. Printers/scanners A3/A4
    8. Lounge & Skype booths
  2. What kind of clients do you host?

We host freelancers, creatives, remote workers, techies amongst others. Here is a link to our client’s database

  1. What are your operating hours?

The Mint Hub is open 24/7 for our clients.

  1. What kind of events do you offer?

We offer free or paid events, workshops, networking gatherings, and happy hours for our members. Here is our calendar of events as they unfold

  1. Do you offer a trial period?

We are quite flexible. Before signing up for a package with us, feel free to try the package for a day.

  1. How is the WiFi Connection?

This is the only co-working space that has embraced a very special network that merges different internet providers into one pipe, ensuring fast internet speeds for our clients.

  1. What type of coffee/tea is provided?

Our clients enjoy free coffee, tea and chocolate, brewed and fixed from our inhouse kitchenette.

  1. I want to check the Mint Hub out, what is next?

Just call us on these numbers- 0704 500 200, 0706 500 200, 0701500100, 0796 752 502, or walk into the space. We have professionals and great customer service representatives, ready to show you round.

  1. Are pets allowed?


  1. How do I become a member?

By simply signing up for our monthly packages, you automatically become a member of the Mint Hub family

  1. What methods of payment do you allow?

Bank transfer, VISA/Card, cheque & Mpesa

  1. Should I wait until 1st of the month to join?

You can join us on any date within the month

  1. Can I work just for 1 or 2 days?

We have a daily and weekly rate.

  1. If am going to be away for a while, what’s my recourse?

You can be allowed to pause your membership for a maximum of 30 days though you need to give 15 days notice in advance

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