Why people love co-working spaces|The Minthub

Newton Andika
August 9, 2021

Why people love co-working spaces| The Minthub

he Minthub is a premium yet affordable Coworking space in Westlands Nairobi. Renting our coworking space Here startups, freelancers and small businesses simply have a small haven where they can come together and get work done. This solution helps shape the future labor market altogether and also revolutionizing the way we network.

• Enhanced Productivity
According to InnovationManagement, Studies show that between 75% and 90% of coworkers love the personal connections that coworking makes possible, they feel more engaged and motivated to work and feel less lonely. All those positive reactions put together make co-working the key to employee happiness, which consequently boosts productivity.Why not plant yourself in our friendly community of like-minded people with the same aim of getting work done. In addition, our coworking spaces also come equipped with amenities like conference rooms, free drinks, and rooms you can relax and have a break in. We guarantee you peace of mind which enormously aid in your productivity.

• The Community
A sense of belonging always brings out the best in us and one of the main reasons people rent out a our coworking space instead of an office space in the first place is because of our friendly community. The people get to network, vibe and share ideas which plays a big role in growing your business. Picture this, you walk in to our beautiful lounge with your cup of coffee to take a break and meet up with an investor who sweetly says hi to you & you start small talks which may end up being the communication you needed to increase funding for your business. However; socializing isn’t compulsory or forced at a coworking space, although getting to know the people you work next to is a great way to establish a sense of community, you’ll feel less lonely compared to working from home.
• Affordability
OWe understand that running a business can be costly that’s why we have everything ready for you. No unexpected costs, just a fixed monthly rate. We are aware that renting most office spaces in Nairobi usually start with at least 6months minimum contract which may be expensive especially for start-ups & small business. With that in mind, our coworking spaces usually allows you to rent out a table or a room only for a period you may want; a days, weeks, or months. The amount you may is also inclusive of the various amenities we have. We know it sounds good and you know why, we care. .
• Reliability.
We are like that one friend who comes to your mind when you need help and they never disappoint. That’s why; depending on the coworking space (and your team), our coworking offices include 24-hour access we understand that at times, deadlines or have a crazy schedule may have you burning the midnight oil. If you’d like to visit our Minthub coworking spaces in Westlands Nairobi, you’re welcome to come and visit us. We are located at Western Heights, 10th Floor Karuna Rd, Nairobi. Or better still, take a virtual tour of our spaces, simply visit theminthub.com and feel free to call us 0796752502.

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