Save Money and
Redistrubute Funding

Eric Kavoo
February 12, 2021

Your office says a lot about your company! So it’s important that you give the right impression to anyone who may be visiting. Having your own private rented office gives you everything you need to give the most professional impression as possible, however, it comes at a cost.

Having your own office space may seem like the right step to take as a startup, but it can end up costing you money that could go into growing your business. These coworking spaces and hot desking allows you to firmly set roots down in a singular place, without having to spend thousands every month.

Scaling up your businesses can be one of the most difficult things to do and freeing up extra funds could be the thing that helps you overcome your biggest obstacle and become a fully fledged scale up.

Strategy is always key. We don’t deny the fact that you have all the cash to spend, but a little saving won’t cost anything. Yes, it looks fancy to rent a big private office within the busy CBD with ease of location. What if you considered renting a coworking space and save a big chunk of that rent? Let’s do some analysis. A traditional private office space located at the CBD costs approximately $5,000. On top of that you still have to pay the service providers supplying the internet, electricity, refreshments, security services as well as employing a front desk manager to handle clients for you. This means the bills will have to rise.

Doing a more detailed comparison, the co-working space office will slash all the service provider expenses. Note that you will be provided with furniture and the office interior designing will be crafted as you wish. This might cost you around $1,000. This is like half the amount.

Save, be smart and go coworking.

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