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The Winning Pitch

How to make that winning pitch.

Many are the times when we all feel butterflies in our stomachs when you have to face a panel to pitch your business idea. But you know what, it is okay to feel that away. Actually, every person gets nervous, but it is how you handle it that brings out the difference. But how?
Everything you do while pitching, it all goes to communication. Interestingly, 55% of how you and i communicate is portrayed by our bodies, also known as non-verbal communication. What you say is only 7%, and even more interesting, your voice carries 38%, crazy, right. But that is the truth, so let’s face it.

How you walk to the stage is as important as getting a yes on the pitch. Walk with your head up, and walk confidently.
Maintain eye contact, but don’t stare. Sometimes, it is not as easy to maintain eye contact, sometimes you may need to just look at someone’s/crowds forehead

The law of empathy applies while you are on stage. The energy you have will be shifted to your audience too. I.e. if you walk in bored, your audience will automatically get bored.

Before your winning pitch, talk yourself up, don’t talk yourself down
In a meeting or conference don’t fold your hands. Creates a boundary.
During a pitch – There are times to be broad and there are times to be specific . Know when to be specific and when to be very general. Hold your own, stand tall, be in the right posture.
Always remember – You can not be the same as the next person

How to build a rapport
– Make it about the other person
– Start from a common ground
– Compliment someone.
– Ask questions

Rules of communication
– It pays to be very observant
– When talking to someone, don’t get too close, let someone invite you in.
– People like to buy from people they like
What if I am not doing it in person but on phone?
Introduction and energy on phone is key. One can tell your energy from the phone. (If the call
has lasted more than 30secs it is most likely to continue)

– Have Powerful Introductions/subjects
– The first paragraph should be powerful – start with a quote or something intriguing. Don’t
bore the reader from the first paragraph, give them a reason to continue reading.
However face to face communication is always the BEST

– First impressions last the longest.
– Dress for the job you are applying for/you want

How short is too short in an office? Assess the office, be safe, be decent, above the knee is good (for new offices or applications

  • Pace yourself with your pitch, be calm
  • Identify the need – you are going to them because they need you.
  • Don’t give up – push yourself (but know your limit)
  • Be persistent – know there’s something you are looking at.
  • It’s not about the business you are going to do but who you’re going to pitch to.

Hosted by Mamaventures and the Mint Hub on Dec 13th 2017

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