Co-working Space for you | The Ultimate Bang for Your Buck

Eric Kavoo
July 9, 2021

Co-working Space for you | The Ultimate Bang for Your Buck

If you are a start-up, entrepreneur or a freelancer; when looking for a good workspace; we understand that it should fit in your budget and satisfy your work needs. There are various reasons why you should consider taking up a coworking space. Coworking will give your startup or businesses a way to represent your company professionally and also provide a lot of flexibility to choose packages according to your needs. The move is a commendable way to reduce the risks of running a business, and you can always upgrade to more amenities as the company grows. Here are quick reasons why you should consider working at The Mint Hub |Coworking space in Nairobi, Westlands.

• Save on Money & Time
It’s at times costly to set up a workplace, however you don’t have to worry about that, since our coworking spaces offer the amenities of an office, for instance; physical address, security, cleaning services, office equipment like furniture, printers, conference space, high-speed internet and much more.

• Peace of mind
When growing your business; the act of going somewhere specific to work, can help you and your team mentally step into being the professionals that gets the work done and done efficiently. In addition; our coworking spaces provide the structure many entrepreneurs and business owners need to maintain the discipline working from home or restaurant doesn't give.
• Flexibility
Our coworking spaces are typically 24/7 accessible, giving you and your team much more control over their workday and hours. In a situation whereby long hours are necessary under a deadline crunch; employees can stay as long as they need to get the job done.
• Conference Room.
Our packages also offer free limited access to our versatile conference rooms that are fully equipped with whiteboards and Smart TVs. Similarly; renting a conference room allows for focused and private conversations in a professional environment. We’ll ensure your meetings run seamlessly and you and your guests’ needs are always met.
• Networking
The beauty of our coworking spaces is that there's always an opportunity for socialization and, it isn't forced. Working around like-minded individuals can spark creativity and innovation; additionally, engaging the right personnel can often lead to big breaks for your company which will allow you to expand very quickly.

Ultimately, coworking spaces save you time and money, let’s take care of your office need as you focus on taking care of your business. Work in a well-designed environment alongside a community of entrepreneurs in Nairobi. Call or text us 0796752502.

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