What exactly is a flexible Office

Eric Kavoo
April 28, 2021

What Exactly Is A Flexible Office?

As the world and businesses rapidly evolve, there is even more need for flexibility in office products and services. And with so much choice on offer it can be difficult knowing what space is best for your business and team. So we’re here to help explain what flexible office space is and how it could benefit your business.Put simply, a flexible office offers private office space, with managed services, leased on a flexible contract - a lease agreement where you pay in shorter bursts, for a shorter amount of time compared to most traditional office leases.The core benefits of a flexible office are:

Flexible contracts of between 1-5 years so you don’t feel stuck.

Simplicity of the office
Flexible offices are set up and serviced for you, allowing you to move in almost immediately. And because most of the day-to-day aspects of running a business are taken care of, it leaves you to focus on what’s important
Sometimes finding a new space can be a headache with complicated paperwork, financial confusion and misleading clauses. The Mint Hub offers easy, clear pricing and jargon-free, simple lease agreements, leaving you to focus on your business.It can be equally hectic and rewarding running a company without worrying about all the extra bits and bobs that need doing day to day. Another reason why a flexible office can be a great alternative to a traditional office. Our dedicated team will support your every need.The Mint HUB team can help with your big move and have you up and running swiftly. 

Even though flexible offices are designed to allow you to move in as quickly as possible, some providers also allow you to personalize your space to reflect your team and company culture.

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Then perhaps The Mint Hub is for you. The Mint Hub is all about making work better. More efficient. More inspiring.

We provide private offices designed to meet your individual needs. Think simple leases, exceptional levels of service and the kind of hi-spec facilities that will set the stage for business success, whether your business is well-established or up and coming.

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