Why Coworking is your best move in 2021

Faith Nzomo
January 10, 2021

We can all agree on one thing that; 2020 was a tough year in business. That being said, 2020 taught us lots of lessons in entrepreneurship that if we take the time to learn from them, then we will thrive in 2021. I am writing this at a time when many of us are finalizing the strategies for 2021 Allow me to help you! As you plan on how to get your business on track, remember that you need to consider moving from your traditional office to a coworking space

Why Coworking is your best move in 2021

1. Cut Operational cost by more than half
Coworking spaces offer freelancers and entrepreneurs a chance to work in a fully-equipped office without worrying about the costs of establishing their own office.​Many offices closed down in 2020. As you try to get back on your feet this year, the coworking space will help you with a number of benefits)

Free Reception Services- Hiring a receptionist is costly. Coworking space takes away this cost from you as it provides reception services to all the clients hosted.

Fast Internet Speeds- Paying for a stable internet connection is equally a nightmare today.Allow yourself to thrive in 2021 by taking up an office in a coworking space, where internet connection is part of the packages provide

Cleaning, Security, and Power Supply- There is no way you will have an office and lack these three paramount services. Instead of having an extra invoice for the same, a coworking space ensures that the benefits are incorporated)

Boardroom Access- Many businesses will need meeting spaces as they try to strategize,pitch, and start off the year. Make an impression this year by taking up an office in a coworking space, whereby you have either free access or quite discounted rates and make an impression for your business

Even if you can afford it financially, the time spent sourcing equipment and furniture, talking to contractors, and getting permits is a precious resource that should go to building your business

2. Dedicated Networking Opportunities
It goes without saying, that your network is your net worth. If there is a year you and I need to network, then in 2021 it is. Coworking space provides the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs in one sitting. It is almost a culture in every coworking space to host events if not bi-monthly, then monthly. For example, the Mint Hub provides what we call Mint Fridays, every last Friday of the month, where the clients get to network with each other, discuss business challenges and milestones. This is the only way many businesses will recover this year. Invest in a package today, in a co-working space

3. All services in one sitting
Co-working spaces not only offer flexible working spaces but also affordable, centrally located,and creative spaces. Many businesses will be starting over in 2021. This means that many will consider to switch offices, hire new employees, and get systems/networks/services in place to keep their business running. Co working space, which hosts different businesses in one sitting will be the solution for your business. If you need an app, finance solution, software, digital marketing services, courier services just to name a few, a professional offering exactly that could be your next-door neighbor! So, just across your office/desk, you have all you need to kick-start your business.

4. You can always upgrade your package
It’s absolutely easy to scale a shared office space as your team grows. This by embracing custom flexible agreements. You see, your initial term could be designed to suit a one-person business, a team of three, or a company of 15, and allow you to upgrade your space as required.Additionally, coworking space lease agreements are quite flexible. Do not be tied down by long-lease agreements anymore, this year, choose to do better. Well, when you know better, you do better, right? *sighs*

Therefore, in 2021, find a​ place to work where they feel inspired and have the technology and resources you need to be productive, this is nowhere else, but in a co-working space

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